What is Mission Kids?

Mission Kids is a children’s ministry uniquely designed with your child in mind! In our Early Childhood, Pre-K and Elementary environments, we teach children big truths that they can grow into rather than light explanations that they can grow out of about Jesus, God, and the Bible.

Who Attends Mission Kids?

Early Childhood

In our Nursery Room (Birth - 12 months) and Toddler Room (1 - 2-Year-Olds), our children learn about Jesus in a tangible way.


In our Pre-K Room (3 - 5-Year-Olds), children who are fully potty trained experience engaging activities and stories that all point to Jesus.


In our Elementary Room, children 1st Grade - 5th Grade meet and participate in grade level learning groups, and experience whole group Biblical teaching.

What Do our Environments Offer?


It is vital that both parents and students feel safe when they enter into any Mission Kids environment. Every single volunteer is screened through an interview, federally run background check, and ongoing training.


The Bible tells us in Matthew 19:14 that Jesus told His disciples not to inhibit children from coming to Him “for to such belongs the kingdom of Heaven.” In Mark 10:16 we read that Jesus carried children in His arms and “blessed them.” Jesus was also accused of being “too joyful” at times (Luke 7:34). Jesus had fun and in Mission Kids, we have fun too!


Everything we do is centered on the person and work of Jesus – just like the Bible! Each element of our gatherings from the curriculum, activities and even disciplinary policies is intentionally pointing students to Jesus.


Since scripture is clear that parents are given the privilege to rear their children toward a relationship with Jesus, Mission Kids does not seek to replace the primary role of the parent in a child’s life. However, as the Mission Church family, we want to assist parents in that aim.

The Gospel Project curriculum we use focuses each environment on the same Jesus-centered lesson. In addition, it provides take-home sheets to help parents continue the conversation at home.

Our volunteers are also available to assist parents through being an additional voice in a child’s life.